Fear is a Liar

We live in a fear-based society. We cannot control anything outside of ourselves. Billie Eilish said, “I’ve stopped reading Instagram… it’s ruining my life.” She’s 17 and creating music with her brother. Her videos receive in excess of 150 million views. She’s outrageously famous, and yet she’s the target of constant horrific online abuse. 

But the energetic violence is not about Eilish, it’s about the person dishing it out.

We don’t think twice about hurling insults at people like Trump. “He deserves it!” we say. The truth is, we do it because we feel powerless and angry, and we lash out in low vibrational ways to feel a sense of power. However, it’s like adding gas to a fire. We actually give them more power. In this analogy, love is like water. The resentment I have for Trump poisons me. If I was full of love, I mean Jesus levels of love, light pouring out of me, I would hug Trump because I know the truth. He’s ill and disconnected. He doesn’t have true power, we give him power. Our fear is his power. Fear is false. Love is real.

We have energetic bodies and we can feel energies that aren’t even ours. We weren’t taught as children how to protect our energy bodies. When someone thinks about you (good or bad), or you think about them, a cord attaches itself to you. Some people are more open and sensitive than others. Energy can attach itself as we go about our business, we pick up so much it’s draining. Using our powerful minds to clear off our energy space regularly and pulling up an imagined blanket of protection can immediately ground us and create feelings of security. We do have the power to own our space.

We create our world.

It can be challenging to have self-worth in the face of negative outside forces, whether it’s someone close to you or someone who barely knows you. You have a choice. We are all worthy of love and respect, and if you don’t value or respect yourself, you will get proof from the outside world. Building self-worth and self-respect is a life long adventure. Loving yourself is your protection. What you see in the outside world is a reflection of your internal landscape, and it will respond to your beliefs. Protect yourself from the inside out. Can it really be that simple? Yes.

You have access to great power, that power is love.

Love from,
Lizzie xxx

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