What is Self Worth?

know your worth
Self-worth is an inner knowing that you are worthy of respect and that you matter just because you exist. It’s essential to note the hyphen in self-worth; it links ‘self’ with ‘worth.’ We can only give ourselves worth. It is indeed an inside job, but I’ll get to that.

Why is self-worth important?

To answer this question, we first have to ask, “what causes low self-worth?” Well, it’s not uncommon to receive criticism from teachers and parents growing up. It can be subtle and come from a loving place, or it can be overt bullying, either way over time, it can erode our self-worth. Often that critical voice from childhood can play like a tape in our heads long after the events. As adults, we can have unreasonable expectations of ourselves. We can fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others and society’s airbrushed standards, and when we don’t measure up, we beat ourselves up with that critical voice. Hands up if that’s you? I had to stop typing to stick both my hands in the air!

So back to the question “why is self-worth important?” When we have low self-worth, we are holding a belief that we are less than and not good enough. On some level, we believe we are unworthy of love and respect. Thoughts are incredibly powerful, and our unconscious mind will look for proof. Our beliefs cause an energetic attraction, people will treat us poorly, or we will perceive them to, and we will let them! Self-worth is a belief; it will attract the experience of love and respect and repel anything less than that. Love and respect are the cornerstones of a happy life; we all deserve to enjoy our lives.

How do I develop self-worth?

Let’s first ask “What does it mean to have self-worth?” I like to think of self-worth as the energetic backbone or rod that holds my head high while claiming my spot on this earth no matter what I do or don’t achieve. It means that I am no better or worse than any other person on this planet. I deserve to receive good in all ways. It’s essential to turn that critical voice into our very own internal cheerleader. But how? There is no quick fix to this problem; in most cases, it’s been years of conditioning that has led to low self-worth. If we remember it’s a journey, a fluctuating experience, we can start to put habits and actions into place to build this energetic backbone for ourselves. First, we need to recognise that low self-worth is a choice; we have the power to choose again. We don’t have to be a victim; we can claim our worth right here right now! Knowing that will be your armour.

Affirmations are a great start, affirming in our speech and our thoughts that we are worthy. I have a great video you can check out HERE. 

Some days I feel good, and other days I am blindsided by feelings of low self-worth. I have a habit of hanging my self-worth on outside things, my weight, the way I look, what I can or can’t achieve. It’s been an exhausting ride; I can tell you! Over the years, I have learned that the more I claim my self-worth, the better I am at stepping into my greatness as a performer, a friend, and a family member.

We are all worthy of respect, and we have access to great power, that power is love.


Lizzie xx

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