Celebrate others success

Celebrate Others' Success

Do you celebrate other people’s wins and success? Answering this is an essential clue to how successful you will be. If you know how to get excited and grateful for someone else’s good fortune, you raise your own vibration. If you get jealous and feel terrible because someone else has found success, you will diminish your own chances of feeling true happiness. You are comparing yourself to that happy camper and coming up short. If you think someone else’s success reflects your failure, you’re creating a reality that does not serve you. You may question, “What kind of person am I that I don’t want someone else to succeed?” Well, you are an average person because envy exists in everyone. Just because you have negative thoughts doesn’t mean you have to believe them. Trust me, it’s a waste of time and energy.

How do I stop being jealous of others' success?

Curbing jealous feelings is pretty simple. Just refocus your time and energy to build others up and celebrate them. Your body, spirit, and mind don’t know the difference between your success and someone else’s. If you allow someone else’s win to be your win, you amplify your own vibrational realness. Yes, we are separate beings, but the energy that gives life to your body is the same energy that gives life to mine. It’s the one life. Someone else’s win can easily be your win—vibe with them.

In Vegas, while walking past the roulette tables, someone won big, and I jumped and cheered for them. I felt as if I had won the money. I made more of a big deal about it than the person who won the spin. I felt great, I felt excited and energized, and I bounced off through the casino as if I had won myself.

Love Lizzie xx

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