Call Success To You

CalL success to you

Calling success to you is not just about working hard; In fact, it’s mostly a matter of seeing in your mind’s eye that success is even possible for you. What does success look like to you? Can you answer that? Can you see yourself succeeding? Make use of affirmations, they are intentions that help create a mind ready for success.

‘Affirmations’ and ‘visualizations’ are not magic formulas for success. Instead, think of them as road maps for your future experiences.

Visualize What You Want

I am on the pyramid stage facing a crowd of 100,000 people cheering. The weight of the cold metal microphone in my hand. I can feel my feet on the matt black painted stage. Inside I feel a mixture of excitement and calm readiness. “Hello, Glastonbury!!” I have imagined this moment with clarity; I’ve played it many times over the years. Most importantly, I’ve allowed myself to believe that this is possible for me.

When my opportunity arrives. I’ll be ready. Notice the affirmation? I could have said, “If I ever get the opportunity…”

We live in a multi-dimensional reality, if you can dream it, anything is possible.

Remember, friends, you do have power!

Lizzie xxx

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