How Creative Are You?

Creativity is fantastic, and I love it when it works through me. I’ve just finished watching Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. The episode featured Seth Rogan, the famous comedy actor, writer, and producer. He talks a lot about his craft and how seemingly effortlessly it comes to him, and it’s got me feeling all excited about what is possible for me and indeed any of us. So, what is in our way?

How Creative Ideas Are Formed

Being creative is something I enjoy very much. There is simple ease to it when it flows. It’s getting out of our own way, which is the challenge. I especially love collaborating and creating comedy and music with my friends. My passion lies in the creation of filmed content, editing, writing, and performing. Anymore? Yes, Teaching, music, and cooking good plant-based food.

At the moment, I’m working with my team on our online membership area, and I’m excited. The unknown future sometimes fills me with fear and feels out of my control. But, after a team meeting, I am enthused and alive, it’s all coming together. The amount of pressure I feel will often increase its overall value. It seems to me, the more significant the weight, the lovelier the diamond. The birthing of an idea into manifestation is often painful. Still, it’s always worth the effort if only to see a way to make it better next time. The truth is, I get in my way, no one else. However, when I persist sooner or later, I manage to step to one side just long enough for something beautiful and brilliant to get created through me. Every moment is creative. Life is creative. So get out of your own way and live your creative dreams to the max.

Always remember,

Lizzie xxx

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