The Shadow Side Of Comedy And Life

As a child, I thought that making comedy would be a non-stop laugh-a-minute kind of a deal. “It’s okay little Lizzie, it’s still worth it for the relief that laughing brings.” The best comedy I’ve ever written didn’t start funny. It was born from a myriad of self-rejection, abandonment, hardship, and struggle. The best humour is motivated by the uncomfortable rub of life, the friction of contrast, by observing the futile attempts of the small-self trying to do life. I think, in all of us there lives a terrifying wild beast that we must learn to tame. It cannot be stopped by will alone. There is no silver bullet that keeps this fear-hungry animal at bay. The one cheery thought that allows me to face the pain of being a stupid human is this: I will be dead one day. None of the shit that makes me sad will matter. Now, can we laugh? #deathfacts

Love Lizzie

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