Coming Home

I am preparing to fly back to Canada. Remember when Covid reached its raging peak, and the world shut down? When the penguins and giraffes wandered down main roads into the cities, and dolphins took over our swimming pools because we stopped using them, remember? While all that was happening, I dreamed of a road trip around Great Britain to see my loved ones.

I waited a full two years, and then that little dream came true.

In preparation, I booked dinners, trips, catch-ups. My monthly planner was stacked. I couldn’t fit everyone in, but I sure tried. I shoehorned in birthdays, a wedding, a photo shoot, and an early Christmas complete with visiting relatives, carols, and a full Christmas dinner. I saw Russel Kane perform in Telford and toured a castle in North Wales. I zipped North, South, East and West in a Toyota Yaris borrowed from my older sister.

I especially appreciated the times between the visits, where I found moments to reflect on the gift of my connection to each of these beautiful people. Driving a car with a broken radio gave me the gift of quiet time to feel the love brimming over in my heart. Each day, before anyone woke, I took my alone time with Devine Source, mediated in the light and wrote about my trip. I relished my time in quiet reflection.

Every morning I embraced the unpredictable cups of coffee. Everyone has a different coffee vibe; some have instant, some drink it weak, some strong, some use a cafeteria, some don’t drink it at all, so they bought some especially for me, some have whizzy machines with little pods, and some have decaf, which frankly doesn’t make any sense at all.

Some days I had three separate visits; tea with a friend, walk with another and then off for an evening catch up. There was a lot of rich food and stirring conversations, laughter and crying, and regaling of stories and adventures, highs and lows.

It was between these visits as I shot down the motorway or weaved my way through winding country lanes that I got a moment to myself to reflect on the luxury of being able to connect in person with the hearts of those people I have come to know and love so deeply.

There was a time when we couldn’t visit our loved ones, and here I am finally seeing the ones I love. I am so grateful for every moment spent. I got to look my friends and family in the eyes and say, “I’m proud of you. I’m happy for you. I see you, and I love you.” And for those who don’t always remember how special they are, I got to remind them, “You are important. I believe in you. You are special, and don’t you ever forget it.”

Being alive is a rich tapestry of emotion, and I have cried on this trip. I have felt my stuff, and I have allowed myself to feel it. There was a time when I couldn’t reflect on my own experience because it was too painful. Now I welcome all of myself to the experience of living because life is beautiful. We have no idea what will happen to us, so I make it a habit to appreciate the moments that pass between us.

GB Thank you for having me.

Love Lizzie xxx

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