I’m Leaving for New Horizons

Dear friends,

This is the last course for the foreseeable future. I’m spreading my wings and going to America. As some of you know, I have been working here in White Rock/South Surrey for nearly eight years. I’ve grown this beautiful healing company, performed so many shows, and guided beautiful, brave souls through this course. It’s been such a pleasure. Not only have I witnessed the awakenings of so many really talented and bright humans, but I’ve also witnessed my own growth as a performer, a facilitator, and as a writer. I can honestly lay claim to being White Rock Famous, and I love this community with all my heart. However, things are changing, and the horizon is beckoning me forward at a soul level.

I’m not leaving White Rock; this is my base and I love you, but I have to put a hold on Hilarapy while I focus on my career as a performer and follow my mission to spread joy and laughter. And, of course, if you are following my Instagram—manifest world peace.

So this will be the last opportunity to take the Hilarapy course for the foreseeable future. If you’ve been sitting on the fence, hemming and hawing over whether this is the course for you, then it’s now or never.

I am feeling called to follow my heart and travel America. I have no reputation outside of White Rock to speak of, and this is partly due to the reason that I do not aspire to do the traditional comedy circuit. That’s exactly why I created Hilarapy—an alternative to that often very toxic and competitive space. I created Hilarapy to provide a safe place for people to show up, share who they are, and shine their magnificent light. But now it’s time for me to take my style of comedy on the road, to show up in towns like a traveling minstrel and perform for people who have never heard of me or my work.

Trying to explain what Hilarapy is to someone who has never experienced it is almost impossible. It’s not something you can intellectualize; it’s something you feel in your heart and soul. It’s an opening for something different. I know many of you are longtime fans, and you have come to the shows and you love them. The course is another beast entirely. It’s a beautiful gathering of people who are ready to break the chains of fear and step into a bigger place to live. It’s a direct test of faith—”Will the net appear or will I fall into the abyss?” It’s a family, a community of courageous seekers who support one another so we can use our experiences to uplift humanity and spread joy and hope to others. Performing your Hilarapy-style comedy set is an act of service, a powerful stamp of self-acceptance and approval, and the whole universe hears us when we step into our power.

My own journey with Hilarapy started in 2012, and it has absolutely changed my life. Today, I stand in my power, and I own my light. There is nothing that can possibly stop me when I step into my next chapter with our fairly wild older brother, America.

This is not the end for Hilarapy, but it may be the end of how we know it. If you want to join us for a journey that will change your life, this is the last course I will be running for some time. After that, I’m aiming to be much more than just White Rock Famous.


Lizzie xx

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