Surround Yourself With Good People

Who are you surrounding yourself with? We are greatly influenced by the people around us. If you want to learn how to be a drug dealer, surround yourself with drug dealers. If you want to make the world better with Comedy Therapy, join Hilarapy.

My circle of influence has come to be one of the most cherished boundaries I keep. The impact others have on our success or failure was one of the main reasons I created Hilarapy. I wanted to surround myself with cheerleaders, go-getters, and people who are stepping into their power. As a performer, I respond better to a passionate, understanding, loving crowd. My comedy is about my colourful life. I have no desire to entertain a rowdy, drunk audience or compete with other comedians to be the funniest. In fact, I wanted to be as far away from that environment as possible.

I didn’t thrive in the comedy clubs because I didn’t feel safe. There was pressure, judgment, and competition. So instead, I produced my own comedy shows and made my own rules. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to come. I have learned if you create a healthy environment, then healthy, supportive folks will come. These are the circles I keep. I have witnessed countless students thrive in this environment. Dreams manifest where love lives.

Those people you spend the most time with have a significant influence on your mood, how you view the world, and the expectations you have of yourself. When you surround yourself with positive people, you’re 10-times more likely to adopt empowering beliefs that improve your life.

Be selective and discerning with who you let into your circle. Drop negative relationships if they bring you down. Instead, choose wisely, surrounding yourself with people who make you happy, who build you up, who have your back, who want to help, who want to see you succeed.

At Hilarapy, we know that your success and healing makes the world a better place for everyone. That’s why our community is built on a foundation of love. We love to laugh, we love to grow, and we love together.

You have the power to make the world better!

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