Laugh More Worry Less


Lizzie here! Apparently, laughing is something that we are growing out of. Children laugh 300 times-a-day, and by the age of 40, it’s around four times-a-day. As we get older, we get more and more serious and stressed out — what a travesty.

When I was little, I remember watching a very dated TV program at school. It was called, Timm Thaler: The Boy Who Sold His Laugh. It was poorly dubbed, and the haircuts were terrible, even for the ’80s. In this story, Timm swapped his laugh with an evil baron for the ability to win anything he played. This whole charade took place on the fairground, and the boy went around winning everything he played. Since he was unable to laugh, he remained sullen and unmoved by his wins. We had a lively discussion after, and still, I remember thinking, “Just for a day, I would love to win everything!” Would I swap my laugh? It’s tempting.

It’s only now that I write this and dredge up the depressing story of Timm Thaler that I see that this is what adults are doing, swapping their laughter and joy to chase the riches of the world. Is there an epidemic of laughless adults?

Remember, ‘grown-ups’ are just enormous kids! If there is no joy and laughter in your journey, you have sold your laughter to the evil Baron! Time to repurchase it.

That’s why Hilarapy is so vital for this world. It’s my gift as an enormous child. Hilarapy helps us reconnect with our humour and share our joy. It proves laughter is the best medicine. Forget stressing over being an adult. Laugh more, worry less, and forget all about it. Humanity has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter.

Love Lizzie

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