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Hilarapy Presents was born through a small group of friends who wanted to bring live comedy shows to their little community. Lizzie, Karina, and Ellen decided to risk humiliation and failure to provide the town with some ‘funny.’ Their pure hearts needing only to serve oodles of love through laughter.

First, they booked a small coffee shop, sold the 40 tickets to their friends and family, and made a commitment to risk it all for the good of humanity. Unfortunately, a week before the show, disaster struck. The coffee shop owner had decided to keep the shop open while the show was on. This meant people would be wandering in and out, the coffee machine and blender would be blaring, which we all know isn’t conducive to live comedy going smoothly. Lizzie always refuses to negotiate on quality; “every setup and punchline must be heard, no distractions with live comedy, those are the rules.” She shouted from a rooftop in White Rock.

Lizzie thanked the woman through gritted teeth, and Lizzie’s partner Elaine began to work her magic. Elaine (the behind-the-scenes producer and tech wiz) found a bigger venue. Suddenly, the universe had provided for the humour-hungry townsfolk, and more tickets were available as if by divine intervention. The stage was set for a comedy of fortunes.

The first show didn’t have adequate lighting; it didn’t have an actual stage, but man, when those doors opened, the place sure filled up quick. Word had got about that more tickets were available. Like Wonkers golden tickets, the frenzy started. The room filled as soon as the doors opened. It became devastatingly clear the community thirsted to have fun, and so it was.

Karina hosted the event, her confidence and dry humour delighting the crowd no end. Ellen shared stories of growing up in a Nova Scotian trailer park; everyone loved it. They played a silly quiz, and the audience got to win stupid prizes or half-eaten chocolate boxes and self-help cassettes from the ’80s. Lizzie wrote a rap about saving the world with this rap, and the world was truly saved that night. Karina agreed to perform with her despite not identifying as a musician, and the audience cheered with wild abandon. Lizzie closed the show with a set about her Chinese mother-in-law and the absurdity of dog poop. It was epic.

What they learned; you don’t have to be perfect or professional to get out and delight a crowd of gorgeous people from your town. You need only fill your heart with joy and merriment and share it freely. Crowds dig it.

The next show was in a school theatre. This time they had proper lighting. They even made a short film to open, it was beautiful, they sold out weeks before the show, and again people just cried out for more. “More Lizzie, more Ellen, more Karina, more laughter.” The women heard them in their dreams. They heard them in their waking hours! As the law of the universe states; Once the call has been heard, there is only so long you can deny your mission in life. Those humble women looked to the stars and said, O.K, we will entertain them, God.

Fast forward to today. The wondrous women that birthed Hilarapy Presents find themselves balls deep in a world pandemic. Unable to bring joy and laughter to their town through their unique live comedy shows. We overheard them talking;
Karina: It’s time to step up and serve girls; the entire vibration of this planet is at risk.
Ellen: Our collective evolution depends on us and the joy we bring; they need us.
Lizzie: We have a small town right here, and it’s not called White Rock! It’s called THE WORLD. Are you willing to do whatever it takes? It won’t be easy.
Karina and Ellen: We were born ready!

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