Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone

This article explores the benefits of trying new experiences.

New experiences can seem scary at first. Whether moving to a new city, starting a new job, or trying to make friends in new environments, one may feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar space. However, some people have the most significant experiences of their life when partaking in exciting, new experiences.

Many enjoy routine and predictable situations, avoiding unfamiliarity or situations with uncertain outcomes. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is that people often fear the unknown more than the familiar, regardless of the reality that it may be a bad situation. Living in the predictable can often create a feeling of comfort. However, living as such can lead to a person feeling unhappy in their life, desiring a change.

It’s a fact that being open to new experiences is associated with plenty of benefits, including greater creativity and curiosity, tendency to seek more cognitively stimulating experiences, appreciation and acknowledgement of other perspectives and emotions, as well as a tolerance for ambiguity and lack of closure. With this said, one needs internal motivation and a “want” to be open to new experiences to benefit from moving out of one’s comfort zone.

Those who try things out of their comfort zone tend to live happier lives. Many who make a significant change in their life don’t regret it one bit and often learn much about themselves in the process. Doing so may feel daunting and terrifying, comfort zones provide us with the ability to avoid those feelings. Take leaving your comfort zone step by step or one discomfort at a time. Exploring at the edge and beyond your comfort zone will ensure your life is full of memorable experiences.

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