Prostituting Myself for Laughs – Enter Hilarapy

What is Hilarapy? I’ll get to that. It’s Sunday morning, my commitment to writing a blog every week continues with gusto and aplomb. I’m writing like no one’s reading and farting like no one’s smelling. Joke! The dog is here.

I’m writing because I love doing it, and that’s freedom. I refuse to hang my self-worth on the number of likes and comments I get on my blogs. That said, I do appreciate the email from my mum each week. It’s short and sweet. “Dear daughter, good blog, love mum.” I had to tell her to do it, but credit to her she’s stuck with it. Thank you, mum.

I’ve been listening to Russell Brand’s Under the Skin podcast for the last few nights. I enjoy his quick mind, vulnerability, and honesty, and I love the people he interviews: fascinating thinkers and change-makers. The problem is I get so excited by the ripples of change that I find it hard to sleep.

Comedy is essential to a healthy society, especially in the current climate! Comedy relieves tension, educates, and connects. I hated performing comedy in stand-up clubs and bars. When I started taking comedy seriously, I was living clean and sober. Every time I performed comedy at clubs, people were drinking. I felt cheap, I was prostituting myself for laughs, it didn’t feel right. My comedy is vulnerable; it’s about my secrets and shame. What’s the point in sharing that with people who don’t care?

As a person who enjoys interacting with people when they are not intoxicating themselves, I consciously moved comedy into a different space. This was the creation of Hilarapy.

Hilarapy creates a place for people to embrace who they are as individuals and share themselves on stage with the public in a healthy, supportive environment. Being vulnerable has power; it has impact and value. When someone does Stand-Up Comedy, they are inviting you into their world. 

I wanted to build a healthy, non-competitive community around comedy, so I did. Hilarapy is that community. Behind the scenes, we are supporters and cheerleaders. Behind our humour are tears, doubts, and struggles shared. Comedy gives us the power to shift perceptions and misconceptions, address stereotypes and assumptions, break down invisible barriers, and create an opening in the hearts of others. Hilarapy harnesses the real power of comedy to inspire change in the world.

Hilarapy is for Everyone

Raising the consciousness of the planet is a priority for me. It’s the reason I’m driving this Hilarapy bus to Vulnerable Town, and I’m picking up anyone who wants to come. You don’t have to be insane to jump on board, but it helps. Fact: We all struggle; it’s the human condition. In a world that’s batshit crazy, feeling insane is an appropriate response — wouldn’t you say?

If you want to find out more about what we do at Hilarapy, visit our page How We Rock Here

Remember you have access to great power, that power is love.

Love from,

Lizzie xxx

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