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Take me seriously when I say we need to lighten up. We need to play. The world can feel so heavy with the drama of being alive. How do we cope with the chaos of Covid, the wars, corrupt politics, the devastation of our natural resources, the injustices? For so many people, the struggle is just to survive another day.

I remember the heaviness that hung in my home when I was a child—watching mum struggle emotionally and financially to take care of my sister and me. Witnessing her in her upset and worry made it feel like my world might fall apart. That low vibration was not somewhere we could live full time, so we played. We dressed up in silly costumes from our dressing up box and played being serious adults. We put talcum powder in our hair, drew lines on our faces and frowned. We pretended to smoke (it was the 80’s). We spoke in silly voices mimicking the grown-ups, who took themselves oh so seriously.

We’d parade into the kitchen where my heavy-hearted mum would be and perform our characters till her mouth turned up at the edges, and she laughed. These were the moments of relief that made my childhood beautiful and bearable. These were the tension breaking, life-enhancing connective experiences of play. These were the moments that we broke the spell of fear and came together as a family. Why don’t we take our lessons from children? They are closer to the truth of life, and they know instinctively to play.

As adults, play is just as important, if not more important. When we stop for a moment and think about the quality of our lives, what are we chasing? What are we worrying about? Does it really help to be so serious, to worry so much?

“But how can we play when the world is falling apart?”

Look back in history. In your adult opinion, when was the world not falling apart? The world was falling apart before you were born, and it will continue to fall apart long after you die. We need balance. There is a time for seriousness and hard work, and there is a time to break the buildup of tension with the connective and joyful experience of play and laughter.

The truth is; when we play, the world will stop falling apart.

When you can move between being serious and playful with ease, you have the sweet elixir of the good life. Play allows us to find beauty and joy amongst the rubble of disaster. Play enhances the quality of your life and your ability to function. Play increases joy and connection and heals the heart. In my humble adult opinion, play is the genuinely sensible response to the very serious business of being alive.

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Lizzie XX

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