Imagination Power

When we use our imagination to create, we take the power of our thoughts to another level. Your mind can build mental scenes, objects, or events that do not exist in this present moment. I do it for performances and creative projects that I want to bring into reality. Then I add my belief to that, put myself in the scene and it’s as good as done. Allow it to be true for you now, in your imagination, and it will be so.

We already use creative imagining unconsciously why not use it consciously. It’s always working. There is a collective consciousness of fear. It bombards you day and night. The insurance you take out, the news you watch, even the fictional shows are full of disaster and threat. We spend time imagining these disasters unfolding in our own lives. We warn each other of all the dangers and difficulties of being alive. We unconsciously imagine all sorts of terrible scenarios before they happen or focus on the awful things that have already happened. It feels justified because we are taught by society to spend time focusing on this low vibration. Yet, all we are doing is perpetuating an endless loop of negative and challenging experiences.

Even though there is war raging, there are also lots of beautiful, loving things happening all over this planet right now. We can focus our attention on these; we can use our imaginations to create pictures of future blessings. When you notice a kind gesture in the street, let it remind you of the generosity of spirit inherent in us all. Use your mind to see nature thriving, people living in harmony with the earth. See children playing, see communities working together. Focus on all the caring people who work tirelessly to bring love, joy, and care to others. Think of the beautiful songs written and the love shared between people daily. Think of all the people who make you laugh and see yourself making others laugh.

Anything is possible when you imagine it’s so.

Love Lizzie

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