Raising Your Vibration

Love is the creative energy vibration of the entire cosmos. Love is the glue that binds all this mess together. By mess, I mean the beautiful hot mess that is this thing we call life. I’m thinking about the reasons why Hilarapy exists, why it works, why we come back together time and again to celebrate our human messiness with comedy and music. Hilarapy Presents is our small team; it’s Ellen, Karina and Me, Lizzie.

We love making each other laugh, but we spend an equal amount of time listening to each other’s fears, and of course, uncovering our shame to each other. Each of us feels shame; if you are reading this, you also know the biting sting of shame. It’s a universal experience. It’s as essential to hold space for the tears as it is for the laughter. We have found that it’s effortless to move between emotions quickly; it’s our jam. We pride ourselves on being like toddlers.

We often trigger each other’s wounds, and part of growing as a creative team is to have the safety to speak to those feelings as they arise and trace them back to their origin, childhood. The friction of coming up against each other brings so much juice to our work, if you can call comedy work. You absolutely can defiantly call it work. But it’s my soul’s work. Being alive is a profoundly sacred experience; it’s a trial by fire, it’s a cosmic adventure style simulator, and we get to choose our own ride.

Cultivating joy in your life is a must and being childlike and playful is equivalent to shooting up, only you are using joy, not heroin. Play is a vital ingredient to having a good life. It puts everything in perspective and relieves the tension of playing the grown-up in a ridiculously serious world. Laughter and joy raise the vibration of this planet. It’s contagious; the more fun people have, the better they feel, the nicer they play with others, and the lightness of heart spreads like a Californian wildfire. It makes the serious not-so-serious. We have everything right here for a happy life. It’s just a case of choosing to make time to play.

When we play more, we share our light and create from an available innocent place. We are simply expressing love. When I was eight, I wanted to grow up and make sketch comedy with my friends. It felt like the only sensible thing to do. Finally, at the age of 40, I’ve found two amazing friends who have agreed to go all the way with me. When you are a grown-up, playing with friend’s life feels fantastic.

Love is easy; just play.


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