The Hoffman Process

I completed The Hoffman Process a week ago, and I’m still flying high in a spiritual swirl of exciting energy and periodically crashing into furniture; I’m exhausted.

What is The Hoffman Process? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a boot camp for your spirit or higher self. You learn to take command over your pesky ego-mind, your bratty emotional child, and other behaviours and beliefs we have based on a “negative love syndrome.” Through this intense, seven-day no-rest-for-the-wicked process, I got a long hard look at my negative patterns and finally got to clear the darkness that shrouds my glorious light.

My Review
My entire adventure in California was excellent, from start to finish. Since completing the process, I’ve been experiencing the freedom that comes from letting go of the icky, gross patterns of shame and self-criticism. What a relief. It’s liberating to have sovereignty over my small self. I expected a breakthrough but not this level of breakthrough. My recommendation is to try it.

When I wasn’t trying to conquer my inner demons or pounding out my rage with a plastic wiffle bat, it was surprisingly like a summer camp for adults. I made a ton of new friends and laughed my head off a lot. The experience was transformative, transcendental and, of course, hilarious.

The old saying rings true, “You can’t go beyond where you have not been yet.” When we face our pain and shame, we are literally shining a light on our darkness and saying, “Hey you, I see you, and I’m not afraid of you anymore. So shut the f**k up. I’m in charge now.”

I’m a busy person. I’ve got things to do, visions and dreams to follow, friends to laugh and play with, dancing and singing, writing, and making beautiful moments with complete strangers. What the Dickens have I been doing wasting my time on negative patterns that have nothing to do with my soul’s journey here on earth?!

Can’t we all just be? Be imperfect, be vulnerable, be the beautifully flawed humans that we are without the guilt and shame piled on top? Beating oneself up is a waste of time, energy, and missed opportunities for fun and connection with other sweet souls.

The Hoffman Process helped me remember that I can be here now, embrace my light, and play. I can feel, think, grow, and create. There is no need to push the river. I will be shown the way, one stepping stone at a time.


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