Back to Normal 2021

I want to talk briefly about reintegrating back into a world with each other. It seems fitting as we begin collectively to peak out of the trenches and take our first tentative steps towards peacetime. The war on Covid has been exhausting and devastating. Isolation and post covid anxiety has been crazy-making, to say the least. But it has not been without its gifts and wisdom. I have learnt from years of twelve-step recovery that pain is the great motivator for change. And indeed, we have all been forced to assess our lives in a much more profound way. There is an old saying that often comes to me in times of great challenge, “without fire, nothing new can be built.”

This has levelled us, and toppled us, shaken and stirred us. I have felt the human spirit respond with much beauty and love, and I have witnessed our collective ego’s beat the drum of fear and anger. I have very much felt the emotional toll of the last 16 months. I have only just started to breathe in the possibility that this will soon be over. Seeing the light that we may once again commune with the world at large freely. I’m hopeful.

I have missed you! I have missed greeting people warmly and gathering with loved ones. I have missed my homeland and family. I have missed facilitating comedy therapy courses (in person), performing in shows, and watching others perform. I have missed the fundamental freedom of breathing without a mask. I have missed being relaxed among strangers.

I stumbled on my student workbook from a Foundations to Science of the Mind course, and this prayer jumped out and immediately resonated with the expansive spiritual part of me. I grabbed my ukulele and sung the words out from my heart in a haphazard unruly tune which made me chuckle and cry with joy in equal measure. It reminded me that my life is a choice; it is an adventure that involves both terror and ecstasy; I came down to earth to experience it all. As we move closer to a life without the plague and the immediate threat of peril. I want to extend my hand to you and wish you a peaceful reintegration over the coming weeks and months.

Here is the prayer:

A Prayer for Choosing My Perfect Journey
With absolute Choice,
I have entered into this world of forms.
With absolute Choice,
I remember that which I have chosen.
It is this higher connection, which recognizes the perfect flow of life moving through me. This Divine Power knows Itself – as me.
That which cloaks this conscious knowingness falls away, exposing pure Presence.
This brilliant blaze of pure potential
enlightens me to see and choose rightly.
The unveiled Truth of my being aligns me
on my perfect and enchanted journey.
My being boils with passion
for the journey, which lies before me. Courageously I say YES to the adventure, which brings both terror and ecstasy.
No longer Earthbound, I spread celestial wings and soar the currents of God
and awaken to the splendor of my arrival.
My noble heart leads
me on the proper paths
of my soul’s unfoldment.
Motivated by love, I disappear into love.
I am transformed into love,
for it becomes me and I – its expression.
Sprung free from the trappings of this world,
I discover the ever-flowing treasures of God validate my choice of the spiritually enchanted path I have chosen to walk. Blessed is the place I am, for God is.
My life reflects the splendor and the glory
of a journey presented by God and accepted by me, thus dissolving any separation and merging awareness into Divine Expression.
Joy-filled for being snatched and lifted
to experience beyond my normal knowing, my heart is ecstatic with gratitude
for these words of Truth.
As the stars in heaven gaze and smile upon this enchanted journey,
I choose to surrender the pain of controlling the outcome to Trusting the Journey
—Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.



Lizzie XX

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