Being Grateful

Lately, I’ve been waking up with ‘situational low-mood’ brought on most likely by several factors: late nights, still too much negative news, and feelings of being cut off from normality (what is normal these days?) I’m experiencing a very real sense that general life as we know it has vanished. Too much junk food, not enough exercise, and a horrible sense of being out of control. Oh, and let us not forget, too much work in front of a screen! “Aghh, my mind is bending.”

What you have here is a severe lack of gratitude. “Lizzie, give your head a wobble and reframe the s**t out of this situation.”

Each one of us can look again and find the blessings.

What is that? You can’t concentrate on work because you’re nine-year-old is nagging at you to play with them? What a blessing, you get to leave the screen for a play-break and have some fun!

Whoops! My nine-year-old was actually ninety!

I’m very blessed, but I definitely can’t see it when I’m focused on what’s wrong with the world. Gratitude is an action. Unless I take the time to turn ‘turmoil’ into ‘treasure’ and ‘lows’ into ‘look-highers,’ my inner life cannot improve, not in this minute or the next. F**k-it! Be positive.

Thank you, God, Allah, Buddha, Tao (whatever you’re called) for everything that is happening. You must have a plan because I sure don’t.

Let go, let God.

It’s not the circumstances of my world that need changing, it’s the way I choose to view them.

You know the classic quote: The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.

We have access to great power, that power is…? LOVE.

Love from Lizzie x

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