Have the Courage to be Happy

Have The Courage To Be Happy

I listened to Earl Nightingale the other day. He said, in his old fashioned American accent, “Have the courage to be happy.” Maybe it’s a common idea among the happiest people on earth, but I’d never thought of it that way. Go on, Earl, you have my attention. “Have the courage to be happy,” he repeated confidently.

What makes us happy? It’s not objects and things, these are nice but bring little beyond an ephemeral, fleeting excitement. We can’t get our ‘happiness’ from the people around us. It’s an ever-changing landscape, and being at the mercy of the reactions and desires of others is crazy-making. Of course, it would be great if everyone was always happy, joyous, and free just so I could be. But that’s unrealistic. So what makes us happy? And why do we need courage?

Earl pointed out with startling clarity that people want desperately to belong, so they try not to upset the apple cart by being different. It starts at home, then it gets compounded at school and goes right through into everything we do. The problem is, people conform to the ‘norm’ at the cost of their individuality. Fearing rejection, we follow the pack, even though being part of the ‘pack’ doesn’t make us happy. Feeling safe isn’t the same as feeling happy.

The happiest people, according to Nightingale, are those brave souls who march to the beat of their own drum. These individuals embrace themselves; they know the truth. We are all created differently, each a perfect creation of Source. The happiest people live authentically without apology. It takes courage to stand in your truth, especially when others might ridicule or resent you for it. To be truly happy, we must actively cultivate self-esteem and know our worth.

He also said, surround yourself with positive, optimistic people. It’s my experience that limited people say, “Be realistic.” When what they really mean is, “Be pessimistic.” There is no other reality than the one you create yourself. If you decide to trade your version of reality to please others, you may stay safe, but is it really? We all have an internal guidance system. Those around us might disagree with our choices but have the confidence to be You in all your weird and wonderful glory.

It takes courage to embrace yourself because it means being different. It takes courage to hold onto yourself and trust yourself when fear kicks in, but having courage brings freedom, and freedom is happiness. Have the courage to be authentically who you are and own it!

Remember, you have access to incredible power; that power is love.

Love from Lizzie, xxx

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