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Everything happens at the right time. Don’t push the river, all is well, hold your horses, chill ya boots and for the love of Dickens, be patient. The first thing Louise Hay taught me is that everything happens at the right time.

I’ve been reading her stuff since the early 90s. I love her. She had a traumatic start to life enduring sexual abuse and neglect until she ran away from home. Years later after her marriage fell apart at the age of 40, she turned her life around and reclaimed her power. She created a hugely successful career until the age of 90, speaking, teaching, and writing. She met fabulous people all over the world and had the most amazing journey through life. Louise was one of those inspiring, love-filled, dreamer/doers. She created a beautiful and rich reality for herself and shared her work with many. Check out her book, You Can Heal Your Life.

“I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.” Louise Hay

Her teaching was truly life-changing for me. Her work centres on acceptance of self and the power of the mind to heal the body and attract abundance. I’ve used affirmations to direct my thinking for well over half of my life and I have to say that she’s right, our thoughts do create our reality.

Who’s the boss?

I didn’t intend to go on about Louise Hay but she deserves a hero’s mention. She’s a lifetime teacher for me and if you haven’t come across her yet, today is the day.

Going back to the original topic, ‘everything happens when it diddly darn well should.’ Of course blocks, challenges, and detours happen; all of those things we think we could do without. But all things happen because they need to happen, they show us something about ourselves. They lead us to discover things we didn’t even know we needed to know. Discovery is magical!

I just want to gently remind you that divine right order and timing is working in your life, so relax and enjoy your day. If you’ve ordered something from the universe then don’t you worry, what is yours will come to you. Remember my dear friends, we can’t see the bigger picture. All things unfold as and when they should, not as and when we want. Accepting this can leave you free to enjoy what is here for you right now, at this moment. For example, this fabulous image to delight your eyes and humour you.

Have a gorgeous day,


Lizzie xxx

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