We are all teachers and students

We are all teachers

“I let people see who I am.”

Remember the old saying, “do as I say, not as I do.” That’s what my mother used to say when I was smart enough to point out the hypocrisy. When what we say, think and feel is in alignment, we have integrity.

We are all teachers, teaching, all the time. We teach people how to treat us and how to love us or not. Every person who comes into contact with us, from the check-out boy to our own children, communicates how others should treat us. How we show up in the world directly influences the collective experience. When we show up authentically, we teach others about authenticity.

When I opened up about the parts of myself that I once kept secret, people began opening up to me. I refuse to carry shame like I used to, which translates to those I come into contact with. My experience of sharing who I am vulnerably has taught others it’s safe to be vulnerable with me. I have learnt from all the people I’ve met. We are connected through our similarities, not our differences.

It doesn’t matter what you say if you aren’t ‘doing’ what you say, energetically you are teaching those who are in a relationship with you that they are not safe to be open with you. When you hide your truth for fear that you will offend, upset, be shamed, or worse rejected, you are teaching the world to treat you in all those ways.

When we align with who we are, and we show up as the beautiful mess that is ‘being human,’ we are teaching the world to love us warts and all. We teach our children, partners, parents, strangers, and friends that we have a right to exist. This is attractive because every person alive shares the desire to belong when we own our belongingness, we teach others that it’s safe to belong.

Today I stand in the fullness of who I am. And it’s an exciting place to create from.

You do have the power!

Love Lizzie xx

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