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“Never go into the neighbourhood of your own mind alone!” – Anonymous

Community is the bedrock of society. We humans are pack hunters which means we live in groups and hunt and forage. “Urrr! What now?” you say! “Oh yes, I just saw a group of women picking through my garden for grubs and worms, nature’s bounty.”

According to Google, other pack hunting mammals include chimpanzees, dolphins, lions, dwarf and banded mongoose, and spotted hyenas, of course. Clearly the other animals capable of laughing. Because you do need others to have a really good laugh. [insert dolphin cackle] Okay, it’s fair to say a lot has changed since the times of humans’ hunter-gathering in packs. We outsource that job while we isolate in boxes. Many people are alone, and communities have adapted, but so many of us fall between the cracks.

We live in a virtual world. I write to you during the pandemic. The facts are, we thrive when in community with each other and we wither alone. Being needed and needing others is healthy and validating. Not to mention fun and life-enriching. It’s so important to be part of something.

In my experience of writing comedy, accessing therapy, and being creative, it is always better in community with others. We vibe off each other. We’ve become so accustomed to ‘going it alone.’ But why? Are we afraid of risking our tender hearts? Are we afraid of rejection? What is the price we pay to stay safe? What would happen if you showed up fully? It’s a scary business, I know.

Walking a path of creative growth together with others has given me permission to show up in the big juicy fullness of being human. Community allows us to witness others courage, authenticity, and vulnerability and they can witness ours. It’s this inspirational creative communion with others (and the spirit of genius) that has rocketed my work into another dimension. I need people and they need me. It’s by being in community with others that we are encouraged, empowered, and supported to express who we are. It’s the gift we bring to others just by being “a part-of.”

I created Hilarapy to empower the individual through the group experience. I’ve tried doing life alone and I’ve tried with others and I know what I prefer. Create ‘community’ around anything and everything you do. We are pack animals and we belong together. Come and share your light with us at

You have access to great power,

Love Lizzie

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