Fear is a Liar

We live in a fear-based society. We cannot control anything outside of ourselves. Billie Eilish said, “I’ve stopped reading Instagram… it’s ruining my life.” She’s 17 and creating music with her brother. Her videos receive in excess of 150 million views. She’s outrageously famous, and yet she’s the target of constant horrific online abuse.   But …

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My Dream Job

I’m young, maybe eight or nine-years-old and I’m sitting on the floor in the TV room watching French and Saunders, my favourite comedy sketch show. I remember having this feeling of overwhelming joy in my chest, and I said to myself, “They have an amazing job. I want to do that job!” I imagined what …

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Being Grateful

Lately, I’ve been waking up with ‘situational low-mood’ brought on most likely by several factors: late nights, still too much negative news, and feelings of being cut off from normality (what is normal these days?) I’m experiencing a very real sense that general life as we know it has vanished. Too much junk food, not …

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The day before my gig at the 2020 Recovery Day Festival, I felt off, nervous, and worried. All week I’d been anxious about hosting. If I analyze why it’s the same old story. It’s tied into my old beliefs of ‘not being good enough,’ fear of not being perfect and comparing myself to other people. …

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