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J.M. Lee writes about Lizzie Allan on how Lizzie used her own personal story to smash the shame and stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction. Read about it here

May 31st, exblogger.ca

A great blog written by Lindsay Dianne, voted one of Vancouver’s top mom blogger, on her experience at the recent Connection Please! show at the Anvil Centre. Read blog here

Connection Please! is the name of the next show by White Rock-based comedian – and comedy therapist – Lizzie Allan.

It may be a little early for a Valentine, but Allan, founder of Hilarapy, describes it as a “chilly February” opportunity to “warm your funny bones and give you a humorous hug from six feet away.” Read More

Cal + Leanne from Have The Conversation Network Have an honest conversation with Lizzie Allan around addiction and recovery. ↣ The importance of gratitude in your journey. ↣ How to heal the trauma and limiting beliefs that have been getting in your way through laughter.
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Who and What She Wants is a community dedicated to inspiring women to follow their entrepreneurial dreams and to experience a fulfilled life on their terms. In this episode, Lizzie Allan talks about running a thriving comedy therapy business. 
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The pandemic has caused an alarming rise in cases of anxiety, depression, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) across the board. There is also a reported anxiety around permanently returning to the workplace after such a long furlough. 54% of Canadians reported feeling anxiety about returning to the office. Read More

Online therapy, one of the fastest growing areas of therapy worldwide, has spiked during COVID-19 with people searching for mental health services as they cope with stress, anxiety, isolation, and varying degrees of depression. A new modality has emerged in online therapy: Comedy Therapy. Read More

Lizzie Allan, founder of Hilarapy: Healing With Humor, is at the center of a unique intersection of her Comedy Therapy Process and one of the fastest growing areas of therapy worldwide – online therapy. Read more

Lizzie Allan, the founder of Hilarapy: Healing with Humor, underscores the empowering value of high self esteem and its critical role in mental health. Read more

White Rock comedian discusses turning past shame into fodder for her act. Read more

White Rock-based comedian and Hilarapy co-founder Lizzie Allan will be one of 12 speakers at a free Bear Creek TEDx event, online this Saturday, March 27, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30. p.m. Read more

Hilarapy turbo-charges laughter therapy with therapeutic processes in a supportive community to deliver profound, life-changing results creating: Comedy Therapy. Read more

Comedy therapy is blossoming across the world. More and more people are engaging these healing practices and discovering ways to create a more positive existence while changing their world. Read more

At 19, Brit, Lizzie Allan, was taken to a Thai hospital in a psychotic state and held against her will after losing her mind at a Full Moon Party at a Koh Phangan beach in Thailand. She was rescued and brought back to England by her mother and sectioned under the Mental Health Act – she was in a mental health crisis including thinking she was Jesus reincarnated as a famous rapper. Read more

COVID-19 was never part of the plan for anyone – and certainly not for Hilarapy. Seasonal events highlight graduates, ‘laughing yoga’ parties. Read more…

Hilarapy releases teaser information on the upcoming launch of its new Online Therapeutic Comedy Courses and Live Support Group Programs. Read more here

There are all sorts of ways to make the world a brighter place. For Vancouver resident Tanya Horne, bringing a little cheer to the corner of East 5th Avenue and Nanaimo Street is her personal contribution. That’s where Horne has operated her “Sit-Down Stand-Up” Comedy Stand since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more…

To listen to the CBC Radio One interview on The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn, click here.

Lizzie Allan discusses the healing power of humour and comedy with Monk POP Buchanan on Sober is Dope. 
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