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Hilarapy Recovery Project:

  • You support members of the recovery community to access ground-breaking comedy therapy, overcome their shame and stigma, and tell their stories of recovery with pride.
  • You make it possible to produce Hilarapy Recovery Shows that inspire, educate, and empower thousands of at-risk people, their families, and the public all over the lower mainland. Including treatment facilities, prisons, recovery houses, theatres and more.
  • Your company will be recognised at every show and across all channels, including a possible documentary (*currently under discussion.)
  • Your company will be associated with bringing light and healing to the darkness of the opioid crisis.
  • You will change lives by supporting connection and breaking down the harmful stigma associated with addiction, and mental health issues.

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Your gift will help us support people in recovery to shine their light

Thank you for considering sponsoring the Hilarapy Recovery Project. When you give, you’re helping people from the abstinence-based recovery community access our ground-breaking comedy therapy course, and find their voice. Our course creates powerful ‘Hilarapists’ who will go on to shine the light of recovery into the darkness of the opioid crisis using comedy. You’re also investing in Hilarapy, ensuring we continue to give our participants the support they need as they embark on reaching as many people as possible across the lower mainland.

Levels of Sponsorship

Gold level sponsors will get:

  • Live Mention in all HRP shows
  • Mention and logo in all our show programs
  • Logo on HRP media releases and social media posts
  • Logo on HRP pages

Silver level sponsors will get:

  • Logo on HRP media releases and social media posts
  • Logo in all our show programs
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Bronze level sponsors will get:

  • Name of organization in all our show programs
  • Name of organization on HRP webpage

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If you want to support HRP because you simply love what the project does and don’t want the recognition, simply click on the link below to be brought to our paypal account. THANK YOU.