Hilarapy Launches Online Therapeutic Comedy Courses and Live Support Programs

Hilarapy releases teaser information on the upcoming launch of its new Online Therapeutic Comedy Courses and Live Support Group Programs. Further information can be found at https://hilarapy.com.

Hilarapy today announced the official launch of its Online Therapeutic Comedy Courses and Live Support Programs. Excitement is spreading among leaders, observers, and participants within the Health & Wellness world, as they experience the Hilarapy Online Programs.

Profound life-changing experiences occur when combining comedy and group therapy. With Hilarapy you’ll acquire and learn to use potent new tools and develop active listening and powerful sharing skills to help you build confidence and overcome life’s anxieties.

Hilarapy’s online platform creates a safe and supportive environment that connects the participant community allowing engagement in a highly personalized way. The core of this program is the successful combination of group therapy, stand-up comedy techniques, and community to give people a safe space to work on their ‘stuff’. Participants can then share their stories which delivers a powerful, effective, and fun pathway to a happy and successful life. Hilarapy’s vision is a world in which every person can own their story without the need of approval or sympathy.

Hilarapy is celebrating the launch of its online platform with a free online class – Using the Power of Therapeutic Comedy to Change Your World. The online platform takes Hilarapy’s powerful in-person studio sessions and reproduces that experience on the Internet. The free online classes allow you to get a feel for this new medium, interact with the community, and try the course material without obligation. It is Hilarapy’s hope that this online launch represents its entry into the digital world where they will reach thousands of people across the globe and provide them with a path to own who they are and transform their world.

Members of the Health & Wellness industry will be interested to know what went into the creation of the Hilarapy Online Program. They took their original, thriving, in-person program (which was abruptly put on hold early this year due to COVID) and instantly began transferring all of their classes, group sessions, and shows online. After eight months of solid work they’re proud to present the Hilarapy – Healing With Humour Online Program!

Hilarapy’s Founder, Lizzie Allan, a Professional Stand-Up Comedian and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor says, “Everyone struggles with the human condition.” She goes on to say, “Being alive is traumatic. We are not alone. We are all the same inside.” She adds. “It’s my wish to extend a loving hand to you and help you access a brand-new side of yourself using comedy as a weapon of mass connection. I am a big fan and supporter of community building. When we do anything together, the outcomes are always so much better in a group. Laughing with other people is the best form of connection. I’ve observed time and time again the power of comedy to create connection and to tackle the hard to talk about subjects with levity and light, so I use comedy to help articulate those difficult experiences from the shadows.”

For further information about Hilarapy or their new Hilarapy – Healing With Humour Online Program, it can all be discovered at Hilarapy.com

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