Enlighten Up

the Hilarapy Podcast

Enlighten Up is a Hilarapy podcast with Lizzie Allan and Karina Lauren that combines the healing power of comedy and therapy. Each week, they feature a comedian from the Hilarapy course and discuss the topics they bring up in their set, covering hard topics from sexual shame to getting older. Through humour and heart, their goal is to dissolve stigma, awaken the masses, promote love, and increase connection by dissolving shame.

Looking to boost your mental health and have a laugh? Look no further! Our podcast, ‘Enlighten Up,’ tickles your funny bone while serving up a hearty dose of healing and growth. Tune in to explore the lighter side of well-being, as we unite positivity, understanding, and inclusivity with a dash of hilarity!

We post new episodes every fortnight, providing a fun and refreshing take on emotional and mental well-being.

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